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About the campaign

The Campaign: History, Context, and Aims

Two primary Campaign objectives are: (1) to renew and empower the efforts of congregations already serving children at risk to poverty; and (2) to challenge and enable congregations, that are not involved with children at risk to poverty, to establish ministries to such children. The campaign is the first time these denominations have collaborated to make a social witness as Methodist partners. The Pan-Methodist Commission wants every Methodist congregation to be involved with ministries that care for children in poverty.

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Challenges & Opportunities

Faith, Activity, and Nutrition

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Connecting with Schools

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The Hunger for Bread and Love

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Ask Before You Book

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Hope for the Future

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Christmas in Southern Province of Sierra Leone

From Olivia Fonnie – Liaison Officer, United Methodist Church, Sierra Leone

sierraleone-christmas[April 2018] Christmas for the children in my Conference is a time of sharing and giving. Jesus is a gift given to us by God. Children are always looking forward to receiving gifts from their parents, relatives and friends. They are also reminded in Church that Christmas is a time of sharing some of what they have with those who cannot afford it.

This Christmas of the children and their parents travelled with me to Bonthe District, Southern Part of Sierra Leone in a small village called Luawa in Mattru Jong. The children were provided with food and toys on Christmas day. There were about a two hundred children. You could see the joy on the faces of those children.

Normally Church members provide food and drinks for the children on Christmas day and Sunday. This year on Christmas Sunday, 31 st December 2017, Children of the Charles Davies United Methodist Church in Freetown shared their food and drinks with some impoverished children in their locality. They also shared the good news of the birth of Jesus.