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Connecting with Schools

Lewis Center logoThis guide, 50 Ways to Engage Local Schools, was created by the Lewis Center for Church Leadership. It is provided in PDF format, so that it can be easily downloaded, printed, and shared.

The Lewis Center is geared toward supporting clergy and congregations, but their resources have much broader application. The "50 Ways" series of articles can offer practical pointers to ministers and lay leaders in many forms of ministry and areas of Christian life.

The Lewis Center for Church Leadership of Wesley Theological Seminary was formed to promote the effective and faithful practice of Christian leadership in the church and the world. Since 2003, the Center has become a trusted resource for church leadership ideas, research, resources, and training so that congregations and denominations thrive, serve, and grow. Founded on the premise that effective leadership is critical to fruitful ministry, the center helps seminary students, clergy, lay leaders, and denominational leaders enhance their leadership effectiveness.

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